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Established in 2021, Thinktown's Business Team is dediacated to help students, who have passion in learning business, from all over the world to achieve their educational goals.  Our major services include professional guidance on various top-tier academic competitions such as FBLA, BPA, MEC, Conrad Innovation Challenge, and highly personalized tutoring services for self-designed business projects and business writing such as IA and EE for IB students. We aim to fully cultivate the critical thinking skills, creativity, and business mindset in the younger generation. 
All of our academic advisors hold a Master's degree from top universities globally including Northwestern University(U.S.), Notre Dame Univeristy(U.S.), University of Warwick(U.K.) with  strong professional backgrouds in business-related fields. 
We look forward to guiding more students to explore interests in business, learn business in a fun way!

Academic Preparatory Courses:
1. Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA)
2. Business Professionals of America- Objective Test (BPA)

Subject-based Advisory Programs:
1. Model Entrepreneurship Competition(MEC)
2. Conrad Challenge (Interdisciplinary)
3. Business Professionals of America- Presentation&Case Analysis

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