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Thinktown's Economics team was established in 2020, and we are a passionate group of educators dedicated to providing comprehensive educational services for students interested in economics. Our services include academic competition guidance for competitions like International Economics Olympiad (IEO) and National Economic Challenge (NEC), as well as essay competition guidance for competitions like Harvard International Economics Essay Contest (HIEEC), Marshal Society Essay Competition (Marshal), and John Locke Essay Competition (John Locke). We also offer tutoring services for IB IA and EE, and free academic-based workshops to promote students' interest in the subject.

Our Econ academic advisors hold Master's degrees from the top 30 universities in the US, including Yale University, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, New York University, and Washington St. Louis University. They have extensive experience studying abroad and have a wealth of experience writing and presenting papers. Our team is committed to fostering personal growth for both students and teachers in an inclusive learning environment. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and exceeding their expectations with our high standards.

Academic-Based workshops

Academic Foundation Courses

Academic Preparatory Courses

Subject-Based Advisory: Comprehensive Competition: National Economic Challenge, International Economics Olympiad; Writing Competition: Harvard International Economics Essay Contest, John Locke Essay Competition, Marshal Society Essay Competition)

Personal Education Advisory Program

Advisory-Based Course (IB Extended Essay, Internal Assessment)


The ThinkTown psychology team was established in mid-2021. The whole team is committed to serving all kinds of students who are interested in psychology, are studying psychology international courses, have needs for planning psychology activities, and want to apply for psychology-related majors in the future.

We hope to meet the needs of students through various and personalized activity planning, such as competitions or self-research activities; at the same time, we also hope that students who are interested in psychology can rationally view and constantly reflect on the subject in the process of studying, and continue to move forward in the direction of becoming a more professional explorer in the social sciences field.

International Courses: AP Psychology, A-level CIE/AQA Psychology, IB CORE Psychology

Academic Preparatory Course: Brain Bee Regional Contest

Advisory-Based Courses: IB-IA, IB-EE, Individual research project specialist

Subject-Based Advisory Program: Psychology Discovery Program; John Locke Essay Competition (Multi-subject program - Psychology Track)

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