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Thinktown's Languages team is a passionate and experienced group. We have both senior English teachers with over 10 years of experience, as well as English and literature talents who graduated from top universities around the world. Our professional field is to tutor students in international English subjects such as IB/IG/AP, as well as to improve students' reading, writing, listening, and oral expression abilities in English language or literature.

Our achievement is to increase students' confidence and academic performance in English learning. Our students have achieved full marks 7 in IB English, 5 scores in AP English, and A* in IG English. Under our guidance, students have maintained a high GPA. In addition, we have helped students write literature essays with insights and establish their own English podcasts. More importantly, our students have found their passion for language and literature, and have acquired a good level of English proficiency to better learn other professional subjects.

International Courses: IB English A, IB English B, AP English (Lang & Lit), IG English (ESL & EFL), AP Seminar

Advisory-Based Courses: IB English-IA, IB English-EE, IB English HL Essay, AP Research

Subject-Based Advisory Program: NYT Podcast Contest, English Literary Critic Program


Thinktown's Language (Chinese) team was established in 2022, aiming to empower students' academic potential of Chinese as first language subjects including IBDP/A-level/Igcse for middle school students. The team consists of sophisticated professionals in fields of Chinese language and literature and international Chinese education. The courses and products help students enrich their Chinese reading in both literature and non-literature texts, cultivate their literature analysis writing skills as well as oral presentation skills.  

We are proud to see that our students have achieved 7 full marks in IBDP Chinese IA and EE, and obtained high scores in paper 1, mid-term and final exams, etc. We look foreward to making more progress in our tutoring achievements and continuing to help students pursuing their passion in Chinese language and literature studies.

International Courses: IBDP Chinese  A(Lang & Lit),  IBDP Chinese  A(Lit), A-level & AS Chinese(9715),Igcse(0509)

Advisory-Based Courses: IBDP Chinese A(Lang & Lit)-IO, IBDP Chinese-EE


Founded in late 2020, the Thinktown Writing team is composed of a group of passionate and experienced writers who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, expertise, and love for writing with students. Aside from professional writing advisory services that help students prepare for international writing competitions such as the Harvard International Review Academic Writing Competition and the New York Times writing contest series, we also offer highly individualized support for students with more diverse or creative writing interests and plans.

All our academic advisors graduated from top-tier universities and liberal arts colleges with in-depth knowledge of different humanities and social sciences majors, and have extensive experience teaching writing at the college level, either at college writing centers or as private writing tutors. Many have also worked as editors at literary journals and magazines, and are therefore in great positions to offer students insights into the evaluation and editing of drafts.

To date, we have helped 300 students with their writing projects, many of them went on to win prizes and awards in eminent writing competitions. As our work continues, it is our hope that, through our products and services, students can not only learn the ins and outs of writing but also discover themselves and build confidence as writers through the story they want to tell and how they want to tell it. We are therefore dedicated to encouraging students to read extensively, think critically, write consciously, and most importantly, have fun in the process of learning.

Subject-Based Advisory: Harvard International Review Academic Writing Competition, NYT STEM Writing Contest, NYT Summer Reading Contest, NYT Editorial Contest, NYT Narrative Contest, NYT Review Contest, Harvard Crimson Global Essay Competition, Ocean Awareness Contest (Creative Writing and Poetry)

Advisory-Based Courses: Social Justice Awards, Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards (Writing), YoungArts National Arts Competition (Writing), Goi Peace Foundation Essay Competition for Young People, Bennington Young Writers' Awards, Columbia College Chicago Young Authors Writing Competition, Creative Writing Portfolio Advisory


Our team aims to help our students transition to and flourish in an academic environment by enhancing their academic reading abilities such as textual analysis and critical reading.

Our courses and products are designed to nurture our students' interests in various humanities and social science subjects, such as literature, philosophy, gender studies, global politics.

Currently we offer courses such as Intro to Literature, Intro to Philosophy, Gender Studies 101, Theory of Knowledge etc.

We are pleased to see that many of the students we have worked with are continuing to pursue their interests in humanities at some of the world's top universities, including Cornell, NYU, Tsinghua and Peking Universities.

Academic Foundation Courses: Intro. to English Literature, Intro. to Philosophy, Intro to Gender Studies

International Courses: IB Philosophy, A-level Philosophy

Advisory-Based Courses: IB-IA, IB-EE

Art History

We started our art history team in 2021. It’s a group of passionate educators who offer courses and events related to art history for high school students who want to pursue undergraduate studies in American universities.

Our goal is to help students integrate different disciplines through art history. We also aim to foster students’ critical thinking, creativity and appreciation of diverse forms of art.

Our courses cover AP, A-level, IB and other curricula that prepare students for college admission and academic success. Our events include extracurricular activities, competitions and summer programs that enrich students’ experiences and showcase their artistic talents. And we have already helped many students achieve their academic and personal goals. One of our former students who majored in art history got accepted by a top 10 university according to US News. 

International courses: AP Art History, A-level Art History, IB visual arts

Advisory-based Course:Competition: Human Online Platform for Everyone,Curieux Academic Journal and more;summer program applications

Subject-Based Advisory Program:Independent Curator Project, From Canvas To Stage with theater subject,amd more


Thinktown's History team was established in 2019, and aims at empowering students to achieve their academic potential of history subject. Our team supports students’ pursuit of their academic excellence by enhancing reading, writing, and researching abilities in history contexts. 


Currently we offer tutoring service for AP, IB, A-Level, and IGCSE history. Our subject-based advisory service assist students to achieve their goals in prestigious history contests, such as NHD(National History Day), TCR(The Concord Review), and John Locke Essay Competition. In 2022, we have tutored over 200 students, 57% of our clients achieved 5 scores in AP World History, 29% in AP European History, and 20% in AP US History. In 2021-2022, we have 2 students won awards in the National History Day.

International Courses: AP World History, AP European History, AP US History, IB History(SL/HL), A-Level History, IGCSE History

Subject-Based Advisory Program: National History Day, The Concord Review,  John Locke Essay Competition (Multi-subject program - History Track), IHBB Competition, World Historian Student Essay Competition


Academic Based Courses: IB History-IA, IB History-EE, Individual research project specialist

Academic Preparatory Course: The Concord Review Contest


Academic Based workshops

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