Educational Consultants


Luke Potter

M.S. in Language and Literacy, Harvard University

M.S. in Language and Literacy, Harvard University

Luke graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a master's degree in Language and Literacy. He received his bachelor’s from Duke University with a major in Political Science. He has had experiences working in both education and the government, including tutoring and interning at the White House under President Obama. Luke believes that higher education can change the destiny and tap the best potential of each student.


Luke graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education with a master's degree in Language and Literacy. He received his bachelor’s from Duke University with a major in Political Science. He has had experiences working in both education and the government, including tutoring and interning at the White House under President Obama. Luke believes that higher education can change the destiny and tap the best potential of each student.


Summer Ye

M.A. in Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania

Summer has a B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master’s degree in Educational Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. She aims to build dynamic communities of learning and promote higher-order thinking that encourages deep and creative approaches to learning. Summer has experience in curriculum design, cross-cultural communication and educational psychology. She believes that students’ educational experiences should be not only accumulative but also transformative. With such belief, Summer strives to motivate and inspire more students to achieve their educational and personal success.

Eamon Hanrahan


​B.A. in Classical Languages and Literature, Davidson College

Eamon received his Bachelor of Arts from Davidson College in May 2021. At Davidson, Eamon majored in classical languages and literature and minored in history, earning cum laude honors for his academic performance. Eamon also worked as an Assistant Teacher at Davidson, helping students navigate the Introductory Ancient Greek course. Outside of the classroom, Eamon served as the President of three student organizations: the Classics Honor Society, Men's Club Soccer, and the Delta Kappa Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Eamon helped all three of these groups remain active throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. Eamon is excited to help students craft meaningful stories and navigate the difficult college process.

Alcina Chen


​B.A. in Molecular Environmental Biology, UC-Berkeley

Alcina graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Molecular Environmental Biology major and two minors in Theater Performance and Public Health. She was actively engaged in multiple activities in college, including going to Peru for a medical mission trip, translating medical terminology for Chinese elders at local medical exam fairs, engaging in student government and putting on both Chinese and English theater performances. With great passion for art, communication and education, Alcina hopes to continue her educational journey at Thinktown.

Jessica Moss


​B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies, Vassar College

Jessica graduated from Vassar College in 2021 with a B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies, receiving general and dual departmental honors. While attending Vassar, she was involved with the student-run newspaper and various nonprofit media organizations, where she developed her interest in editorial work as a window into exploring other ways of living. She has worked as a research assistant, and has also previously worked with Thinktown as an Editing Specialist. As an Educational Consultant, Jessica views all of her work with students as an opportunity for both education and self-realization. In her spare time. she plays classical piano, reads and writes voraciously, and enjoys long hikes.


Kunqi Zhao

​M.S. in Commerce, University of Virginia

Kunqi received her bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Mathematics, and her Master's degree in Commerce from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce. Combining a solid mathematic background with versatile communication strategies, she is good at anticipating client needs and going above and beyond for students. Kunqi has interviewed admission officers from top summer programs to better help Thinktown students prepare for academic challenges. She aims to understand the passion and talent for each student and help them shine as individuals through personalized educational consulting.


Erin Hunt

M.S. in Professional Writing, New York University

Erin graduated from New York University with a Master of Science in Professional Writing after earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. Erin has worked for a Chicago-based EdTech startup, The Graide Network, where she partnered with over 50 veteran teachers and 1,600 students at schools across the U.S. After working as an Editing Specialist since July 2019, Erin is excited to begin a new chapter as an Educational Consultant, helping students achieve their academic and professional goals.


Jack Dwyer

​B.A. in World Politics, Hamilton College

Jack graduated from Hamilton College with a bachelor's degree in World Politics and a specialization in International Development. Jack has experience in the film and television industry, where he evaluated creative material such as screenplays, television pilots, novels, and stageplays, worked with writers and producers on narrative development for original material, and workshopped projects of his own. Jack is passionate about each step in the storytelling process and loves collaborating with writers to help them develop their voice. He views it as a special privilege to help young writers craft stories that vividly and entertainingly express their unique view of the world.


Anna Saltzman

M.A. in Asian Studies, Georgetown University

Anna has a bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies from Oberlin College and a Master's degree in Asian Studies from Georgetown University's Walsh School of Foreign Service. At Georgetown, she had a double concentration in politics along with history, society, and culture in China. Anna is a senior educational consultant at Thinktown. She has worked for international think tanks in Washington, DC and taught English to primary and secondary school students in Shenzhen. After that, she moved to Oxford, England to complete her CELTA certification. Having found her passion in facilitating cross-cultural communication and understanding, Anna is dedicated to helping her students explore their creative and academic potential.

Alison Hamilton


M.A. in Education and Social Policy, New York University

Alison Hamilton graduated magna cum laude with a Master's Degree in Education and Social Policy from New York University. Over the past 5 years, she has worked in a variety of jobs in the education sector including Senior Programs Associate, Curriculum Developer, Tutor, and Educator. Compounded with her knowledge expertise of the US higher education system, Alison's varied work experience in the education sector enables her to support students at every stage of the college admissions journey. She is a strong believer in cross-cultural communication and holistic approaches to student success.

Kelly Gillespie


B.A. in English Literature, UC Berkeley

Kelly received her BA in English literature from UC Berkeley and just finished her MS in Education & International Development at the University of Bristol. She has taught English in Thailand for 1 year and has extensive experience creating curriculum for a UN partner company which offers EFL workshops on the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, she has designed curriculum for a non-profit's Women's Study Program that engages with Burmese refugee women, and has lead webinars on trauma-informed teaching methods for refugees. She recently conducted fieldwork in rural Ecuador during the summer of 2021, in order to design and implement women's empowerment workshops. Kelly is incredibly passionate about reading and cross-cultural exchange-she believes in a liberal arts education which can broaden our perspectives, deepen our empathy, and make us more analytical.

Qianhe Ji


M.A. in Arts Administration, Columbia University

Qianhe graduated from Columbia University, majoring in Arts Administration. For her undergraduate, she studied Art History and Sociology at Peking University. She has various experiences in exhibition curating, gallery management, and museum education. With a great passion for art and education, she wants to help students enjoy art, love life, and achieve their dreams.

Sophie Pedersen


B.A. in English and Creative Writing, Colby College

Sophie graduated from Colby College with a major in English and Creative Writing and a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. During her time at Colby, Sophie worked as a Peer Writing Tutor where she assisted students with collegiate academic writing assignments. Due to her passion for education, after graduation, Sophie launched an academic tutoring program where she mentored students grades K-5 in all subjects. At Thinktown, Sophie hopes to use her skills in education, and her passion for creative writing, to inspire students to think critically and share their stories.

Kira Stern


B.A. in College of Letters, Wesleyan University

Kira graduated from Wesleyan University with a degree in the College of Letters. Her studies focused on public history and historiography, with an emphasis on Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies. After graduating she spent fifteen months working as an Au Pair in Bremen, Germany. She also has experience in the performing arts and directed three full-length theatrical productions in college. She will bring her wide range of experiences to help students expand their horizons as well as achieve academic excellence. As a senior educational consultant at Thinktown, Kira provides students with the tools to reach their full potential and helps them achieve their academic goals.

Cory Liang


M.A. in Humanities, University of Chicago 

Cory graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree of Master of Arts in the Humanities, where she studied creative nonfiction writing. She also received her BA degree from Smith College, double-majoring in English Literature and Government. As a first-generation college student, Cory is passionate about expanding educational opportunities for underserved communities and helping students develop the mindset and skills to realize their full potential. At Thinktown, she hopes to share her love for personal narratives and uses her knowledge and experience of writing to support more aspiring young writers.

Lisa Qiu

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M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication, Northwestern University

Zhongyi earned her bachelor's degree in Finance from the College of William and Mary and received her master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. During the programs, she focused on the branding strategy sequence which prepared her with a solid understanding in a wide scope of marketing concepts, and acquired proficiency in market research and data analytics to support data-driven strategies. She developed strong critical thinking skills and a business mindset through plenty of collaborative projects as well as previous experience working in e-Commerce marketing and customer engagement.

​Xinyi Hu


MFA in Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania

Xinyi is a young Chinese female artist, who is currently living and working in Philadelphia. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in 2017, and her MFA in Fine Arts from University of Pennsylvania in 2020. While pursuing her master’s degree in Fine Art, she gained two-year teaching experiences in a Teaching Assistant position for multiple art classes, such as Figure Drawing, Photography and Printmaking classes. That was the time she discovered her enthusiasm for teaching. And now she aims to to combine her range of teaching experience with her advanced knowledge in art, to contribute to Thinktown, helping young teenagers build up their unique creativities.

Jane Su


B.S. in Economics & Applied Psychology, New York University

Jane Su has a dual degree in Economics and Applied Psychology from New York University with an interest in behavioral economics, especially the psychological impacts on people's financial behavior. She had previously worked in investment management roles at Advent International and Yong Rong Asset Management. She also spent a summer at Accenture as a strategy consultant. Her experiences in finance and consulting industry broadened her view on real-life business and economics, which also inspired her to share knowledge to more students at Thinktown. Believing that education is the best investment, Jane hopes to offer her expertise in the field and bring positive education externality to the young and their future.

Sam Chen


B.A. in Social Studies, Wesleyan University

Sam graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Social Studies and minors in East Asian Studies and Data Analysis. He has taken on various leadership roles, including facilitating entrepreneurship events to Silicon Valley, coordinating institute-wide research projects, and leading the student investment club. Sam's research experiences has prepared him well for any obstacles students may face during business case studies, social science research, and data analytics. Sam is passionate about aviation, business, entrepreneurship, bridging the information gap, and the importance of liberal arts education and cross-cultural intersections and hopes to support students in finding their interests.


Tyler Finley

B.A. in Stories in Interactive Media, New York University

Tyler graduated from New York University with a concentration in Stories in Interactive Media and a minor in Game Design. His studies explored the intersection of creativity, writing, and interactive technology and involved developing projects for virtual reality, crafting short stories and poetry, and investigating the horror genre. He has worked as a tutor since high school and is fueled by a passion for facilitating and witnessing growth in others. Tyler finds joy in playing with his dogs, hiking, and helping others share their stories.


Victor Yao

M.A. in Arts Politics, New York University

Victor holds a MA in Arts Politics and a BFA in Drama from NYU Tisch, with a double major in Psychology. He has worked on numerous arts education projects, serving as the writer, director or project manager on several welcome programs at NYU. He directed the first Mandarin production of MAN OF LA MANCHA in the US, and his other projects have been seen at PlayStation Theatre, Symphony Space, NYU Tisch, WOW Café Theatre and Shanghai Theatre Academy. At Thinktown, Victor is committed to helping aspiring artists find their unique voices. Currently, he is a business product manager for Thinktown's Theatre and Film subjects. He is invested in leveraging theatre and film to help students hone creative problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills.

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Songlin Li

M.S. in Operational Research, Columbia University

Songlin graduated from Columbia University with a Master's degree in Operations Research. He spent his undergraduate years at UCLA and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Statistics. He had various quantitative work experience at investment funds in the U.S. and China. Unlike a typical tech guy, Songlin has found his deep interest in the Education Industry as time goes by, and started to embrace his career as an educational consultant. Songlin enjoys building friendship with his students and advising them on applications to top U.S. universities, and he is certain that his passion and skills will guide him further into his adventure.


Lance Gu

Ed.M. in Education Studies, Harvard University

Graduated with an Ed.M. at Harvard Graduate School of Education and dual degrees in Education Studies and Computer Science at Brown University, Lance focuses on the interdisciplinary research of the intersection between education and technology. He has led and participated in multiple research projects, including the relation between socioeconomic status and early childhood language acquisition, learning beliefs of grade school students from immigrant families, and the design and implementation of learning tools. He designed and created prototypes of educational products, addressing issues such as dyslexia diagnosis, high school trigonometry, social media literacy among teenagers, and implementation of learning tools in higher education institutions. Outside of the professional experiences, Lance teaches math and Scratch programming, and is passionate about topics including ethics of artificial intelligence, justice and equity in education policy, game design, and beyond.