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Grade 11-12

Everyone has a unique story to tell. The essay writing process in college applications is a great way to explore within yourself and find the voice that most defines you. A well-written and carefully crafted essay can help admission officers know the real you. 

How Thinktown Can Help

Essay Courses

A series of 10-minute essay courses produced by Thinktown's Essay Management Desk, powered by years of experience and research


Brainstorm essay ideas through in-depth conversation about students' backgrounds and activities; produce detailed outlines to showcase their Key Success Factors.

School/Major Q&A 

Online Q&A sessions to answer student questions and advise them on school and major selection

Writing Seminars

Thinktown's writing experts will host monthly online seminars to teach writing techniques and answer questions about essays in real time

Essay Polishing

Unlimited rounds of essay polishing based on student needs and their college selection. 

Essay Diagnostics

Diagnose and evaluate students' finished essays to see if more rounds of polishing are needed.

The Thinktown Way

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Why our brainstorming works:

  • Every brainstorming specialist spends over 3 hours reading student materials and another 3 hours writing essay outline

  • Our specialists have spent over 800 hours on average helping students craft their essays

  • Rooted in individual students and their stories, never use templates

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Why our polishing works:

  • A team of experts spend at least 65 hours on average to serve each student

  • Unlimited rounds of polishing until satisfaction, each essay receives 10 rounds of edits on average


  • Our writing experts provide detailed comments on each round that often exceeds the length of the original essays




Why our quality control works:

  • A team of Ivy League graduates with literature and writing degrees to assure the quality of each essay

  • Historic database with over 10,000 past essays covering 35+ subjects to empower and update our abilities

What Students Say

To Writing Specialist Ethan:

“You’re definitely one of the first people that I have to thank for making my dream become reality. I really enjoyed working with you, exchanging ideas, and bettering drafts slowly and slowly. I truly appreciate all the thought you have put in for every single draft we exchanged. I can not possibly imagine what my application season would be like without you. With your help, college apps really wasn’t as scary as I thought. ” 


Audrey, Columbia University

Class of 2025

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