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Grade 11-12

Entering 11th grade, you will need to juggle GPA, standardized tests, school selection, essay writing and many other tasks. A professional team can help you manage your time wisely, strategize every move to ensure a successful sprint toward your goal. 

How Thinktown Can Help

Personal Development

Enrich and deepen students' existing activities, develop a unique application persona to enhance the Key Success Factors

School & Major Selection

Provide in-depth school & major analysis, design selection strategy based on students' backgrounds and goals, and guide the family to make informed decisions.

Interview Preparation

Simulate real interview experiences through mock interviews with American consultants, who will provide detailed performance analysis to help students improve

Summer Schools

Guide students to choose and apply for suitable summer programs that could strengthen their academic profiles

Essay Guidance

Help students craft unique essays through 1-on-1 brainstorming, unlimited polishing and quality control by Ivy League writing specialists with literature degrees

Application Submission

Help organize relevant materials, provide task management support and final check before students submit their applications

The Thinktown Way

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Persona Development

Why our development works:

  • 12 years of experience in college placement and hundreds of top U.S. college admission cases


  • Insights from college admission boards and deep analysis of the Common Data Set

  • Rooted in individual students, their personalities, interests and Key Success Factors

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Why our selection works:

  • 5000 hours of school research and exclusive insight on over 200 top U.S. colleges

  • Network of admission officers and alumni with insider view of the latest admission trends

  • Over 3 gigabytes of data on undergraduate majors, exhaustive learning resources for 7 most popular major groups 

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Why our guidance works:

  • A team of Ivy League graduates with literature and writing degrees to assure the quality of each essay

  • Unlimited rounds of polishing until satisfaction, each essay receives 10 rounds of edits on average


  • Historic database with over 10,000 past essays covering 35+ subjects to empower and update our abilities

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