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Grade 9-11

The key to a successful college admission is starting early and planning ahead. The moment you enter 9th grade, you should be thinking about how to map out your high school career to reach your dream college goals. 

How Thinktown Can Help

Test Preparation

Provide testing strategy and tutoring in TOEFL, SAT, AP, IB, A-Level and other international subjects

Character Mining

Evaluate students' backgrounds thoroughly to discover and enhance their Key Success Factors in college application

Activity Design

Design highly individualized extracurricular activities in academics, arts, public service, sports and career exploration

Academic Writing 

Coach students to research and write academic papers, evaluate students' writing abilities with quarterly assessment

Peer Mentorship

Peers in top U.S universities will offer application insights and academic tips via 1-on-1 mentoring or group seminars

Summer Schools

Guide students to choose and apply for suitable summer programs that could strengthen their academic profiles

The Thinktown Way

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Why our planning works:

  • 12 years of experience in college placement and hundreds of top U.S. college admission cases


  • Insights from college admission boards and Stanford's Design Thinking principle


  • Rooted in individual students, their personalities, interests and potential




Why our guidance works:

  • Professional advisors will provide hands-on instruction to turn activity ideas into reality

  • We will match students with Thinktown's exclusive resources, including 500+ select activity options and 2000+ research topics

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Why our iteration works:

  • Monthly meetings to monitor students' progress in academics, activities and personal development

  • Comprehensive assessment every quarter to ensure goal completion and update strategy accordingly


  • Personal database for students to collect and store key materials for college application


We pair each student with experts in four different teams to address their every need in college planning. These teams collaborate globally to deliver a personalized educational experience.

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