Academic Advisors

Julian Cao

M.A. in Art History, University of Chicago

Julian graduated from Northwestern University, majoring in journalism and art history. He got his art history master's degree from University of Chicago. His working experiences in Qatar, Tokyo and Seattle made him a global citizen who's passionate about both current affairs and academic pursuits. Julian is passionate about storytelling and hopes to help young minds shape their voices and ideas, in a more efficient and persuasive manner. At Thinktown, he leverages his knowledge in art and English to advise and tutor IB students, and those interested in scholastic competitions.


Vino Wu

M.A. in International Relations & Economics, Johns Hopkins University

Vino graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), majoring in international relations and economics. She has previously worked as a curriculum designer at the Whittle School, a global leader in K12 education. Her passion and experience in K12 education and her own global upbringing made her well-positioned to guide students through the pursuit of international education. At Thinktown, Vino works as a subject advisor, conducting research for economics-related educational products and tutoring students interested in economic competitions.

Luqi Chen

M.S. in Social Sciences, Columbia University

With a Master's degree in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University and a bachelor’s degree from Fudan University, Luqi has a strong passion for education as well as knowledge and work experiences related to business management. She hopes to better serve students and also help with the business development of Thinktown through the combination of education and business. By advising and tutoring students on business-related subjects and competitions, Luqi helps them explore their interests in the business world in high school.

Yuchen Zhang

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Yuchen earned a bachelor's from the University of Virginia with double majors in math and mechanical engineering, and a master's from Johns Hopkins University studying mechanical engineering. He aims to use his familiarity with STEM subjects to guide students to explore their interests in science and technology. As the math subject advisor at Thinktown New York, Yuchen helps prospective STEM students plan their personal educational routes. He prepares students for American STEM competitions, activities, and provides advice on STEM major and college choices.


Sam Chen

B.A. in Social Studies, Wesleyan University

Sam graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Social Studies and minors in East Asian Studies and Data Analysis. He has taken on various leadership roles, including facilitating entrepreneurship events to Silicon Valley, coordinating institute-wide research projects, and leading the student investment club. Sam's research experiences has prepared him well for any obstacles students may face during business case studies, social science research, and data analytics. Sam is passionate about aviation, business, entrepreneurship, bridging the information gap, and the importance of liberal arts education and cross-cultural intersections and hopes to support students in finding their interests.

Huayu Wang

B.A. in Political Science & Economics, Brown University

Having lived in China, India, and the US, Huayu is constantly exposed to different perspectives. To help underprivileged students combat educational barriers, she volunteered at William D'Abate Elementary School in Providence and assisted in the teaching of math and English. She has a variety of experiences in the academic world. As a Research Fellow with a professor in Brown's Department of Political Science, Huayu redesigned courses on environmental political theory and optimized course syllabi for online teaching. She also worked as an Academic Coach for high school and college students who struggled with international politics courses. 

Cory Liang

M.A. in Humanities, University of Chicago 

Cory graduated from the University of Chicago with a degree of Master of Arts in the Humanities, where she studied creative nonfiction writing. She also received her BA degree from Smith College, double-majoring in English Literature and Government. As a first-generation college student, Cory is passionate about expanding educational opportunities for underserved communities and helping students develop the mindset and skills to realize their full potential. At Thinktown, she hopes to share her love for personal narratives and uses her knowledge and experience of writing to support more aspiring young writers.

Lisa Qiu

M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communication, Northwestern University

Zhongyi earned her bachelor's degree in Finance from the College of William and Mary and received her master's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University. During the programs, she focused on the branding strategy sequence which prepared her with a solid understanding in a wide scope of marketing concepts, and acquired proficiency in market research and data analytics to support data-driven strategies. She developed strong critical thinking skills and a business mindset through plenty of collaborative projects as well as previous experience working in e-Commerce marketing and customer engagement.

​Xinyi Hu

MFA in Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania

Xinyi is a young Chinese female artist, who is currently living and working in Philadelphia. She received her BFA in Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design in 2017, and her MFA in Fine Arts from University of Pennsylvania in 2020. While pursuing her master’s degree in Fine Art, she gained two-year teaching experiences in a Teaching Assistant position for multiple art classes, such as Figure Drawing, Photography and Printmaking classes. That was the time she discovered her enthusiasm for teaching. And now she aims to to combine her range of teaching experience with her advanced knowledge in art, to contribute to Thinktown, helping young teenagers build up their unique creativities.

Yiting Li

M.A. in Humanities, University of Chicago

Yiting graduated from the University of Chicago’s Master’s Program in the Humanities, majoring in art history, French, and Spanish. For her undergraduate, she studied English literature at Tsinghua University. With her cross-disciplinary background, she previously worked in art management jobs at Deloitte, CCTV, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre and Smart Museum. As a firm believer in the power of humanities in bettering the society, she wants to help students learn more about art history and achieve their dreams.