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Theatre and Film

Established in 2021, the Thinktown Theatre and Film team helps students discover their inner creative talent through playwriting, screenwriting and film review writing. Our courses and products help student nurture their creative writing abilities by writing about or for the stage and screen. Throughout this process, we help students who may not have had much exposure to these subjects to develop an interest and passion, while also furthering their creative and critical thinking skills. 


We are pleased to see that many of the students we have worked with are continuing to pursue their interests in arts and/or humanities at some of the world's top universities, including NYU, University of Rochester and more!    

International Courses: IB Theatre, IB Film

Subject-Based Advisory Program: Princeton 10-Min Play Contest, YouthPLAYS Play Contest


Advisory-Based Courses: IB-EA, IB-IA, IB-EE


Founded in 2021, the ThinkTown Music Team is dedicated to providing students with a high level of international musical education, ranging from basic knowledge about music theory and fun facts in history, to advanced, conservatory-level education on classical music performance or electronic music composition. We aim to empower our students with musical backgrounds and interest with cutting-edge musical knowledge. We have a range of different products tailored to different needs. Our international competitions of classical music performance allow students to compete with young musicians around the world and have helped two students win chances to play in Carnegie Hall, New York. Our Music Producer program equip students with the fundamentals of musical composition and have assisted dozens of students with their first musical creation. Our music foundation courses provide students interested in future learnings of music the basics of musical analysis. We also help students along their way when they find subjects such as AP music theory, A-Level Music, and IB music challenging. Our belief is that no matter the student's choice of future major or career track, they should have access to professional music education as part of their complete educational experience, which will significantly enrich their understanding of music as an important subject of the humanites. 

Academic Foundation Courses: The Foundations of Music

Academic Based Courses: AP Music, A-Level Music, IB Music (Prepatory courses and basics)

Academic Prepatory Courses: International music competitions in classical music performance (instrumental)

Subject Based Advisory: Music Producer

Advisory-Based Courses: IBDP, IBEE, IBIA


The Arts team in Thinktown started in 2021. We’re a group of passionate educators who offer art portfolio coaching, art contest courses, and also help students with their various needs about visual art.

Our team has professional artists, art curators, photographers, and art writers. The academic background of our teachers cover fine arts, art history, art administration, photography, and culture studies. Some of our teachers have worked in art museums, art media companies, theater studios, schools, and community art institutions. 

We are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of artists. During our courses, we help students to express their unique stories and creativity by using visual art as a language. Interdisciplinary methods and critical thinking are encouraged in our teaching.

In 2021-2022, we have 10 students who won awards in the International Joint Competition of Young Artists. 5 students won the second prize of Masters Tournament.4 students won the third prize of Masters Tournament. 1 students won the first prize of Championship Contest.

We also have 1 student who won the Gold Key and Honorable Mention in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, 1 student won Special Recognition in the Congressional Art Competition, and 1 student who won Honorable Mention in the SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest. 

Subject-Based Advisory Program:International Joint Competition of Young Artists, SAVE THE FROGS! Art Contest, Wildlife Forever Fish Art Contest, Songbird Art Contest, Science Without Borders Challenge, Sony World Photography Awards- Youth Competition.

Multidisciplinary Subject-Based Advisory Program: Bow Seat-Ocean Awareness Program

Advisory-based Course: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, National Arts Competition - YoungArts, Congressional Art Competition, NSHSS Visual Arts Scholarship, Writing, Photo and Multi Media Contest, Doodle for Google, NASA Student Art Contest, Portfolio Coaching. 

International courses: AP Art and Design, A Level Art and Design , IB Visual Arts

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