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Our Story

For 13 years, Thinktown has been the strategic partner for thousands of families on their journey to a truly global education. 


Founded in 2009, Thinktown Education Inc. is one of the largest educational consulting firms in China. We have two headquarters in New York City and Hangzhou, and four satellite offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. We specialize in highly personalized educational services, including college admission counseling, essay guidance, subject-based advising and tutoring for students in Grade 9-12 worldwide.


At Thinktown, we believe that college application shouldn’t be a test-taking process, but a journey of self-exploration and self-realization. It's an exciting and worthwhile venture for the whole family. We are ready to provide personalized support every step of the way and become a dedicated partner of education for each family. 

Thinktown in Numbers


13 years of experience since founding in 2009


More than 600 employees globally


Our students received nearly 7000 undergraduate offers


Helped over 22,000 families realize their educational goals

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Core Strengths

Professional Team

We have a global team of educational experts dedicated to helping students reach their higher education goals. Our Chinese Educational Consultants have an average of 3 years’ experience in the industry. Our American Educational Consultants all graduated from Top 30 U.S. colleges. 

Parent Involvement

We highly respect parents’ roles in college planning and effectively involve them in our entire service process. We host frequent family meetings to update parents on students’ progress and share tips on adolescent development and education with them via expert webinars.

Omnichannel Resources

With five offices across China and the U.S., we leverage resources globally to best serve our clients’ needs. We offer online courses, school databases, peer mentorship, e-learning apps, 500+ extracurricular activity options and 2000+ research directions, to give our students a well-rounded education outside of school.

Objectives & Task Management

We help clients manage their short-term objectives and long-term goals, tracking progress and making real-time adjustments to ensure desirable key results. Via multi-channel communication with students, parents and schools, we integrate students’ admission goals with their personal development goals.  

Data Readiness

In serving over 2,2000 families, we have accumulated large amounts of data. Our 6800+ successful admission cases and  outstanding essay collections empower and update our service capabilities. We also document each student’s growth path on our in-house digital database, stockpiling important milestones for their college applications.

Community Engagement

Serving over 22,000 students around the world, we established a network of online communities where over 10,000 students and families gather to exchange insight, share resources, get their questions answered and connect with one another. Wide-ranging discussion topics include college application, international schools, extracurriculars, academic competitions and so on.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the holistic development of every child and the value of a liberal arts education. To achieve that, we emphasize the development of these four core areas in our educational philosophy: Value, Imagination, Knowledge and Identity. 

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Building positive values is a crucial step in the development of children’s views on life, the world or even the cosmos. Students today are global citizens of tomorrow, so a strong value system will help them find footing and form meaningful connections in this increasingly diverse world. 

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To adapt to an increasing complex world, students need to acquire not only knowledge, but also methods to gain knowledge in any new area. We believe a liberal arts education will train students to think about knowledge from different perspectives and empower them to explore academic interests freely.  

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Imagination and creativity are pushing forces of social and technological development. Imagination is also what makes each student unique. With reading, writing and various activities, we encourage students to reap their powers of imagination and make new ideas into reality.

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The college application process is a fast-tracked journey for students to find their identities, but knowing oneself is a long-term process that goes way beyond college. We hope to equip our students with the necessary tools to continue finding their most authentic selves and understanding their relationships with their surroundings and the world at large.

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